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Okay, so it’s been a while. Sorry about that. We’ve just been having too much fun to stop and reflect lately. We had a great summer even though there was a stretch that left us stuck inside because of insufferable heat. One of the big risks for a child with a mitochondrial disease is overheating. That meant we had to stick to air conditioning a lot this summer. That’s okay, better safe than sorry.

Well our spring was fairly uneventful. Kaden finished up 1st grade and did a great job. The school has really done a good job figuring out ways to assess Kaden and he likes showing off how smart he is. Math is definitely his strongest subject but he loves pretty much everything about school.

When we did get out this summer, we were at Kylie’s softball games, visited cousins, played on a trampoline, and Kaden did a lot of walking in his gait trainer. On days when it was cool enough, he also spent a lot of time outside with his papa under their shade tree.

Late this summer we did have a little scare. Kaden had a seizure. He went 11 months without a seizure. Of course, Kaden has been taking anti-seizure medication but when he gets stressed by illness or fatigue he is more prone to having seizures. Still, 11 months is great. With a slight increase we didn’t see anymore seizures for the summer.

Toward the end of the summer we were able to go to a Make-A-Wish event called Yacht Blast for Kids. At this event our whole family got to go to the Milwaukee Yacht Club and go out on a 45 foot yacht. That was really cool. The best part of the event, however, was the dinner and the after party. Our family was asked to stay and say a few words about Kaden and his wish from last year. The event included dinner as well as a silent and live auction. At the end of the night Kaden drew the name for the winner of a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Needless to say he was really excited. Dozens of people came up to meet Kaden and thank us for sharing his story. Make-A-Wish is an incredible organization and that night has really inspired us to do more for this organization (more about that later).

Stay tuned for the rest or our catching up.