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Hope everyone had a great holiday season! We had a very nice Christmas and got a chance to spend time with both Miki’s family and mine. The kids of course are all spoiled rotten from the holidays. Overall though, the kids were good.

Kaden had a good Christmas. I always worry about him around the holidays. Not only the interaction with all the kids and adults and the risk for catching a cold or the flu, I also worry that Kaden doesn’t get to play like all the other kids. He seems to enjoy everything at the holidays but I always get a little depressed when I see all the cousins and friends playing when Kaden really can’t do a lot the things that the other kids are doing. It never seems to bother him though. I guess his dad just has get over it.

Anyways, Kaden has been doing well. He has been talking a lot. More words and more words strung together. He has been progressing in physical and occupational therapy as well. His left hand has become significantly more accurate and his sitting is improving. Now that his ankles are not as tight he is able to keep his feet flat on the floor more easily which gives him a better base to work from. The progress is slow but it is still progress.

We are still fighting the reflux issue. It has improved though. We think it may be related to the abdominal binder he has had to where to keep the pump in place and tight to his body. This along with the loosening of the muscles may be amplifying his reflux. Hopefully we will be losing the brace soon and we can find out for sure if that is the problem.

Hope everyone has a great start to 2011! Take care.