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Over the last couple of weeks Kaden has continued to do pretty well. I went to his IEP meeting at school and am very proud of how Kaden is doing in school. Miki and I have always known that he is a smart kid, and it feels good to have that validated by his teachers and therapists. Kaden cannot communicate as well as most 5 year-olds due to his condition. This makes it difficult to assess his abilities. His teachers at school have had trouble with this but for the things that they can assess he is really doing great. One of the things they do in Kindergarten is see if kids know their phone number and address. I remember working on this with Kylie the year she went into Kindergarten and she eventually got it but it took a while. Miki and I have never worked on that with Kade. The first time his teacher asked him, he knew all of our phone number and the street number of our address. It’s amazing what he soaks up. If we can just keep improving his communication, I know he will continue to wow us.

We also met with the neurosurgeon this past Friday. I have not been real happy with the way things have gone since the surgery. However, the issues with the pump and the spinal fluid leak seem to be getting better and the neurosurgeon said they are not unusual issues. The only thing we have been having trouble with over the past couple weeks is Kaden’s reflux. He’s always had a slight case of reflux. Since he had pneumonia it seems to be much worse. We are hoping that it is due to the amount of antibiotics and other drugs that they pumped into him while he was in the hospital. We spoke to his pediatrician and have decided to give it a few weeks to see if it settles down before we look at medicating him for the reflux. Miki and I are very reluctant to start him on new medications unless they are absolutely necessary. He has quite a regimen of drugs as it is.

Overall, things are getting back to normal. Kaden is continuing to improve his movements and his muscles seem to be loosening with the pump increases. We have spoken to the physical medicine doc and along with the recommendations of his therapists have decided to increase his dosage again. We are waiting to hear back from the doctor for an appointment time and will hopefully get it in before the holiday.

Hope everyone has a great week. Take care.