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This morning was an interesting morning in the Stark house. To start, Miki woke up with a stomach flu. Then I had to wake Kaden up about 7:00 AM to get us out of the house by 7:30. The earliest he’s been up since the surgery has been about 9:00 AM. Needless to say he wasn’t real thrilled. Well, we got him fed and the other two ready for their day and Kaden just didn’t seem right after breakfast. I chalked it up to waking up early for the first time in a week and didn’t really think anything of it.

We arrived at Children’s Hospital right on time. Kaden was his usual charming self and had the two nurses enamored with him in the first 5 minutes. We were ushered back to a room right away. I got Kade situated in the room but hadn’t taken his coat off yet. I had just sat down in the chair next to him and he gets sick all over his tray, coat, chair, and the floor. The two nurses are no longer enamored, but still very helpful. I clean him up and he smiled and laughed for the remainder of the appointment. The rest of the day he was smiling, laughing, and silly. Ate lunch and dinner and no problems. I guess 5yr olds just get have to do this sometimes.

With all of that behind us, the doctor comes in and checks him out. His incisions look really good and I explained that the tension in his hips is definitely lessened. Kaden’s most consistent tension has always been in his adductors, which are the muscles on the upper inner thigh that pull your leg in. His knees are usually locked together. I always think of it like prying a clamshell apart. This week however I can push his legs apart with one finger and they stay apart. QUITE an improvement! The doctor was pleased and she adjusted the dosage up a little more. We will go back next Thursday and they will likely ramp up the dose a again.

Kaden is going back to school tomorrow. I had teacher/parent conferences with his teachers tonight and he is doing really well. It is an adjustment for the Kindergarten teacher to assess him, but she seems to be doing an excellent job. He knows almost all his alphabet and numbers and of course his favorite part of class is getting up in front of the group as a helper or to answer a question. I’m not sure where he gets that from as Miki and I were both terrified when we started school and would do anything to not have to be in front of the class. He is lucky to have the teachers that work with him. They are terrific and really seem to understand what Kaden needs.

Well I’ve rambled on for long enough. Thank you again to everybody for the well wishes.